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Michael Gottlieb is a rock / pop multi-talented musician who incorporates classical influences and theatrical sensibilities in his music. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2009 and completed his MA in composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance in 2019. Since then he has been gaining vast recognition in his native Israel, as a pianist, vocalist, singer-songwriter, producer, .arranger and theatre composer

In recent years, Michael has been working with some of the Israel's biggest pop-rock stars such as Korin Allal (to whom he has produced two critically acclaimed albums) Avi Belleli and Efraim Shamir, as a producer, arranger & performer. 

Michael released three albums as a singer-songwriter, and leads a band that performs his original music across Israel. As a vocalist, Michael has participated in various projects, including Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's "Mayim Rabim", released in John Zorn's label "Tzadik", followed by performances in the USA and Israel. 


As a theatre composer, Michael has worked with the leading theatres in Israel, including Israel's national theatre Habima (2014's hit show "Panic") and the Cameri theatre's Israeli version of the renowned Dutch play "Anna".


Michael's many talents bring him to live a life in music that is rich and diverse, whether he is behind the scenes, as a producer or theatre-composer, or on stage, Michael's unique sound shines through.

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